Spray Tanning

Pricing: $60 per session

About Our Tanning Solution

One airbrush spray tan takes only minutes to apply and develops fully in 8-12 hours. Our tan works well with all skin types, even fair skinned people & people who do not normally tan in the sun or a tanning bed. One session will achieve your desired results.

Our tanning solutions leaves our clients with no blotchiness, no orange coloring & no harmful ingredients! Giving each client a flawless light golden sun kiss, a beautiful cocoa brown or a deep rich bronze, and everything in between depending on what they desire.

What To Do Before You Tan:

Shower, shave and exfoliate with an exfoliating scrub or with exfoliating hand mitts or towel. (Note: a puff does not exfoliate). This will rid the skin of dead cells enabling the tan to last longer. Wash with body wash after exfoliating to remove any oily residue.

After showering DO NOT apply any lotion, make-up, deodorant, or perfume. These can affect the absorption of DHA ( the tanning ingredient ) resulting in streaking and minimum color. To get the best result, spray tans should be done only on perfectly clean skin.

Waxing, pedicures, and facials should be done at least one day prior to your tanning session.

Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing, and flip flops to and from your appointment. Do not wear socks, tennis shoes, or bra. Tight clothing can rub the tan completely off in most areas.

During the session, clients can wear whatever they want or lack thereof, however, we ask that men wear underwear, swim trunks or a speedo type bathing suit.

After Your Tanning Appointment:

Wait until you feel dry to put your garments back on.

Do not wear a bra or socks. (bring flip flops if possible)

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing. A dress or loose pants/shorts with a loose top is ideal.

Avoid water, sweet, cleaning products, the gym, and any strenuous activities that may cause your body to perspire.

Do not shower until after 8 hours. It takes a full 24 hours for the DHA to fully developed on your skin, so the longer you can avoid showering the better.

For your first shower after your spray tan, simply rinse off, avoiding any use of soap. You will see instant bronzer wash off, this is NORMAL the bronzer was originally applied to help you see you tan… your actual tan is developed underneath the bronzer and is revealed after your first shower.