Mommy Makeover with Dr. Jason Helliwell

Following childbirth, some women seem to return to their pre-baby bodies with ease, but for most women this can become an impossible task. Body changes that result from pregnancy and/or aging include weight gain, stretch marks, loss of muscle tone, sagging breasts, and many others. A Mommy Makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures designed to reverse these effects.

Common procedures performed during a Mommy Makeover may include:

  • Smart Liposuction: to remove and sculpt targeted areas of stubborn fat.
  • Tummy Tuck: to flatten and tighten the abdomen while removing excess skin and fat.
  • Breast Implants: to restore volume to the breast that has become deflated due to breast feeding and weight gain.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation: to restore vaginal tightness and shape.

Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

Deciding on having a cosmetic surgery procedure is always an important decision, and it’s best to know all the facts. That is why Dr. Helliwell always takes the time to get to know his patients and their reasons for wanting a Mommy Makeover during his consultations. During this meeting, you will have a general health check and discuss all the implications and outcomes of Tummy Tuck surgery to ensure that you are fully informed and prepared to enter the operating theater. This is also a time when you can ask any questions that you might have about Tummy Tuck surgery in a private, but friendly clinic environment.

Am I A Candidate For A Mommy Makeover?

If any of the following concerns affect you and you wish to do something about it, you may be an ideal candidate for a Mommy Makeover procedure with Dr. Jason Helliwell in Bakersfield:

  • Sagging breasts that no longer appear youthful
  • Loose skin and stretch marks around and below the midsection
  • Protruding abdomen as a result of stretched muscles during pregnancy
  • Persistent pockets of excess fat anywhere on the body

The ideal candidate for a Mommy Makeover is a healthy woman of any age who has stopped breastfeeding and does not plan any further pregnancies. A Mommy Makeover is not a good idea for women who intend to have more children, as further pregnancies post-Mommy Makeover will undo all the work that has been done.

Why is a Mommy Makeover in Bakersfield with Dr. Helliwell right for you?

Changes to the Abdomen

The changes that occur to the female body during pregnancy are often most evident on the abdomen. All women experience normal hormonal changes during pregnancy that mainly serve to allow the abdominal wall muscles to relax (rectus diastasis) and accommodate the size of the baby as it grows within the uterus. Although some women’s abdominal tissues will return to a pre-pregnancy state, most women are left with loose, sagging skin (ptosis); disfiguring stretch marks (striae); bulging lower abdominal muscles; or possibly a combination of all of these effects.

Changes to the Breasts

Many mothers are concerned that nursing their baby will destroy the youthful appearance of their breasts. However, changes in the breasts will occur during pregnancy whether or not a mother chooses or is able to breastfeed her baby. As the female body prepares for milk production (known as lactation), the milk glands in the breasts swell and replace the other fatty breast tissue. After childbirth, these glands often shrink, which can leave a loose skin envelope that lacks sufficient breast tissue to fill it. After pregnancy, a woman’s breasts therefore frequently have less fullness, tend to sag lower, and commonly develop stretch marks.

Changes to the Body Contours

Although most women are able to lose the weight that they have gained during pregnancy, many notice that they have a few persistent areas of fat on the hips, back and thighs that will not go away, despite aggressive and sustained exercise regimens and a strict diet. Many of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy result in permanent body defects such as these localized fatty deposits.

If you are one of the many women who’s body didn’t return back to normal then a mommy makeover might be right for you.

Mommy Makeover Patient In Reflection